5th P2A Meeting and Forum in Jakarta, Indonesia: “Empowering Students to Take Leadership in ASEAN”.

by nguyennhatchuong | 2/29/2016 4:57:58 PM

From Febuary 23rd to Febuary 24th 2016, the 5th annual conference of the organization of universities and colleges in ASEAN (Passage to ASEAN – P2A) was held in Binus University, Indonesia with attending of Deputy Secretary General for Community and Corporate Affairs – ASEAN Secretariat - H. E. Dr. AKP Mochtan and more than 60 university leaders from 10 ASEAN countries.


The 5th annual conference of the organization of universities and colleges in ASEAN (Passage to ASEAN - P2A) with topic of “Strengthening the role of student leadership in ASEAN integration process”


“P2A representative, Mr. Jeroen Schedler - CEO (black suit) was hitting the Gong to start the conference. From left to the right: Outstanding Teacher Le Cong Co (Duy Tan University Principal), Mr. Jeroen Schedler and Professor – Dr Firdaus Alamsjah (CEO of International Programs, Binus University).


At the conference, Deputy Secretary-General of ASEAN - H. E. Dr. AKP Mochtan presented about development orientation for ASEAN in the future and expressed his ideas to praise achieved results of P2A and encouraged further expansion of programs and activities to help students in each country in integrating into ASEAN Community.

Besides, leaders of universities have come together to discuss and launched many initiatives as well as measured to promote mutual exchanges of learning and strengthening the role of student leadership in the integration process into the Community Of South East Asian countries. The most remarkable point among them is the program of exchanging trainees between ASEAN countries and was first developed by Duy Tan University (Vietnam) and Chiang Mai Rajahbat University (Thailand).

Especially, Universities of Taylor (Malaysia), Rangsit (Thailand) and Duy Tan (Vietnam) are going to collaborate to execute “P2A on campus” in order to create more opportunities of mutual exchanges between students within ASEAN countries.


“Ms. Le Nguyen Tue Hang (Vice Principal of Duy Tan University) and Mr. Bui Duc Anh (Microsoft Innovation Center at Duy Tan University) presented their speeches about solutions to raise knowledge of integration for ASEAN students”.


In additions, P2A Organization has officially launched a new website by the Microsoft Innovation Center at Duy Tan University -DTU (DTU is one of the five founders of P2) the website was designed and developed with the philosophy of focusing on interactivity, relevance and proximity to ASEAN students.


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